Saturday, February 18, 2006

Injector Sizing Spreadsheet

Here's a little spreadsheet that will let you estimate what size injectors you will need for your application. Works for NA, Super- and Turbo-charged cars, any number of cylinders.
All you need to know is Displacement, Max RPM, Max Boost (0 for NA), Maximum Volumetric Efficiency, and target Air Fuel Ratio.
Also includes a little calculator for quick Cubic Inch to Liters.


As 'ballparkish' as this is, it's suprisingly precise, put in 6000rpm, 80% VE, 5.7L 8 cyl and you'll end up with a 26.4lb/hr injector needed for the application. Just like the stock injectors for LS1. Go figure!

Hope this will put end to all the 'What injectors do I need for my setup?' questions.



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