Thursday, April 14, 2005

out of injectors?

I think i'm starting to get close to the limits of my injectors, which is cool, cause with proper AFR (and i'm pretty damn sure it's good) i am finally making some decent power!

Yesterday i was scanning some second gear runs, and for example:
6100rpm, 73mph (top of 2nd with my 3.73s and 315/35-11 rears)
i was getting 19.7ms injector pulse, that means i'm right under 100% duty cycle according to

And it makes sense too, i was logging torque delievered, and i converted that to hp, and the injector duty follows the shape of HP curve, which it is what it supposed to be. either my car kicks all ass, or the lookup table is overly pessimistic, because there are people with H/C making 440rwhp on 26.4 lb/hr injectors that I have.

I played around with BSFC calculator ( and i'm either making 460 crank hp (with 0.50 BSFC and 95% duty cycle) or my BSFC is different. i did an experiment and it said that i'd be making about 420 crank hp at 0.55 BSFC and 95% duty cycle.

Where i SHOULD be at is about 390hp (0.50BSFC and 80% duty cycle) hmm...i better get to the track soon...


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