Sunday, March 20, 2005

Timing, Java, and MAF notes

Just a quick update:

I'm redoing my programs in Java. UGH, that is a major head-adjustment, as I haven't coded anything in Java since 1998. The good part is that I have some good friends to help me out, and this is gonna be platform independent. Some things I'm gonna release to public, others I'd rather keep to myself, so I'll do it as a server-side servlet or something of that sort.

I've been doing a lot of researching on spark timing, and all I can say is WOW, there's a lot of myths and misunderstanding about the relationship between air-fuel ratios, spark timing, dynamic compression, valve events, and probably a bunch of stuff I haven't heard of yet.
Here's a good link to videos that will get you thinking:
and then there's more reading:
I'm going to try to write up an more concise summary once I plow through all the reading.

One more quick note about MAF calibration. During finding info on timing, I found a company that does a piggyback computer for Subaru Impreza, and they show how to recalibrate their MAFs to account for changes in the intake path.

Alright, back to reading on eliminating false knock...


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