Friday, March 11, 2005

is PE/WOT tuning universal?

PE tuning should be super-simple and really car-independent: if all VE tuning is done right, it air-fuel should stay close to 14.62.

Development of maximum hp/tq happens at specific AF ratios. Then there's reliability to be dealt with. My general PE tuning philosophy is to set AFR to 12.8 (max TQ) at lower rpms (you're less likely to predetonate at low load), usually until peak torque, then switch to 12.2, for max HP, as that's the direct cause of acceleration. These are also the safe settings, so for once it's a win-win situation, not the usual compromise between performance, budget, and reliability. ;)

I'm gonna attach 2 files to this PE settings for LS1 in F-body vs LS1 in a Vette and then another comparison of LS1 vs LS6 AFR's@WOT. The Vettes aren't completely retarded from the factory like the F-body tunes are. So basically take the LS6 values, and put them in for your PE, and you should be good to go. Yea, you can always get it a bit better with a wideband, but this should be pretty damn close to where you want to be with these numbers.
They even have a little
extra 'safety bump' around 4-5krpm to ease up on cylinder pressures (max TQ is a direct result of max cylinder pressure).
I use PE values
I developed on my own, and they happen to closely resemble the LS6 ones. This find was a nice boost of confidence, as it confirmed that my thinking is on the right track.

LS1(f-body) vs LS1(vette)

LS1 vs LS6


At 9:17 PM, March 15, 2005, Anonymous WRE said...

Hi My name is Walter. I have yet to buy HPT but I will soon I am waiting for new cable. I work for Mack trucks and do engine software. I think that a VB app would work well here. We write in c for a ECU so I would have to start out slow 2.

If u want to chat i am at yahoo as justmewre. Add me and we will chat. Keep up the good work. I am yellowToy/a on LS1tech.



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