Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Direction of MAF spreadsheet

So i'd like a general opinion here:
Guys, should we make it into an app, or should we keep it as a spreadsheet?
I am pushing Excel to its limits as far as pure excel functionality goes (as in no VB). I refuse to do VB in Excel, because then you are a victim to the limits of both. Also, I haven't touched Basic since 8bit ATARI Basic ;)

I'm thinking of a Perl app, but compiled into a standalone. This way we have the power of normal programming language, but ease of use of any other script. I don't want people to copy, paste, filter, etc because that's just error prone (people make mistakes, computers don't). I want to be able to feed a raw csv and get a calibration on the other end, with NO other interaction. I want to do things like composite/historical data, automatic data cleanup, and other more advanced stuff, which excel is just really not suited for.

Or should we have two separate things--the pretty Chad spreadsheet for quick'n'dirty stuff, and my more advanced standalone app? I talked with Chat extensively yesterday, and we are doing a lot of the same things, but we have very different approaches to it, so I'm not sure where we should take it. I personally don't care, I can use it all, but eventually it is for you, The Peoples of HPT, that will use it, without the need to dive into the nasty details.

Let me know, as I am stuck right now contemplating what to do, I can go any way you want me to, so hint me in the right direction. Let's hear it!


At 3:42 PM, March 15, 2005, Anonymous Dennis Roberts said...

Hi Marcin,

I am a newbie to tuning and I have not purchased HPT yet for my 99 A4 C5. However, I am trying to learn about tuning in advance of my purchase of v. 2.0 when it is released.

I have been following the threads on LS1Tech about your MAF tuner and proposed future VE tuning tool with great interest. On behalf of myself, and many other noobs I'm sure, I wish to thanks you for your efforts in developing tuning assistance apps, and your willingness to share it.

Personally, I would love to see you develop a stand alone app that I can feed a raw csv file into and run the program. I feel it would save a hugne amont of time for me to get into tuning in an effective way.

Please keep up the awsome work.


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